Short Stories Download-how Good are They?

Short Stories Download-How Good Are They?

How to Write a Novel

How To Write A Novel.

The Challenges and Rewards of Writing Trilogies

The challenges and rewards of writing trilogies.

Actions Speak Louder Than Word

Actions Speak Louder Than Word.

Do You Have What It Takes? (Writing Motivation)

(Writing Motivation) Things to keep in mind when you’re writing.

Word Riot is Accepting Submissions

A very prestigious online journal is now accepting submission.

Find out more in today’s post.

Book Writing Tips: Five Tips to Writing Fiction Novel Teen

Teen fiction novel is not the kind of novel that is difficult to be made, if you know the tricks.

Be Careful What You Write

Be Careful what you write. Do you long to write lots of things and you are worried about what you write? Even if it’s fiction, one should sometimes be careful.

Trust Your Instincts

Trust your instincts. If you know you believe in something and someone in your life wants you to do something you maybe don’t want to do, trust your instincts.

What Makes a Writer Tick

What Makes a Writer Tick? What makes them keep at it until their fingers drop? How do you know when you have become better over time or you need to revise and learn new ways of writing?

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