What Makes a Writer Tick

What Makes a Writer Tick? What makes them keep at it until their fingers drop? How do you know when you have become better over time or you need to revise and learn new ways of writing?

Writing Novels Verses Short Stories

Writing Novels Verses Short Stories. Why is it that we are driven to write a novel verses a short story? How come we want something that is going to take us so much more time invested verses something that can be done really quick? I mean the short story writer is just as good a writer as the novelist, but why do we want to write a novel?

Choose Your Heroine and Hero Wisely

Choose your Heroine and hero wisely when writing your novels. You want them to be as believable as possible. Your readers will thank you for it.

What Types of Novels Do You Like to Write

What types of novels do you like to write? Do you prefer to write a good romance or is it the mystery that has you sold? Or is it non fiction or perhaps a fantasy novel that brings you home to where you need to write?

Publish and Don’t Listen to Who Says You Can’t

Publish and don’t listen to who says you can’t. You’ve got a story or a novel in your head and you’ve got big publishing dreams. Yet, while you churn out whatever it is you want to see in print or as an e-book, you’ve got people from different sidelines telling you that you can’t. What do you do?

Great Tips for Writing

Great tips for writing. Do you long to be a writer but never thought much about it yet? Or are you a writer for a long time and are looking for new tips or advice about how to get started? No matter what type of writer you long to be, we always need to be reading new ways to get us into full swing.

Effective Ideas to Stop Writer’s Block

Effective ideas to stop writer’s block. We can’t help it when we get it, but how can you make your day more useful? What are some good ideas that keep you coming back to your laptop or whatever tool it is that you do your writing with?

Top Sherrilyn Kenyon Novels

Top novels from one of the best paranormal romance authors.

Why Its Good to Rewrite a Novel

Why it’s good to re-write a novel. Don’t just think your novel is finished after writing it one or two times. Most novels need editing and sometimes we feel we want to go in and re-write the whole thing and change the way it is to be written.

18 Things to Look at When Editing Prose

A checklist of things I ask myself when writing.

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