Self-publishing Super Stardom

How to make your self-published book debut at the top of Amazon charts. These are some great tips that will dramatically improve your prospects.

What Makes a Writer Tick

What Makes a Writer Tick? What makes them keep at it until their fingers drop? How do you know when you have become better over time or you need to revise and learn new ways of writing?

Choose Your Heroine and Hero Wisely

Choose your Heroine and hero wisely when writing your novels. You want them to be as believable as possible. Your readers will thank you for it.

Nobody Should Exploit Another Person

Nobody should Exploit another person. That is just so wrong and not right to do to someone. I wouldn’t ever exploit another and I wouldn’t want them to do that to me either.

Great Tips for Writing

Great tips for writing. Do you long to be a writer but never thought much about it yet? Or are you a writer for a long time and are looking for new tips or advice about how to get started? No matter what type of writer you long to be, we always need to be reading new ways to get us into full swing.

The Writer’s Digest Writing Clinic_chapter Previews

An overall brief description of the chapters in this helpful writer’s book.

Writers Block Syndrome

Writer’s Block Syndrome. What a scary thing to get, huh? Are you feeling a bad case coming on right now? Here are some thoughts on how to solve it and minimize the severity of the issue of not knowing what to write.

Ruby Sparks 2012- A Movie Review

A review on Zoe Kazan’s film.

How Would Your Writing Room be?

A room of our own, I’d say.

Roald Dahl. A Man to Remember For His Revolting Rhymes And Children’s Stories

Roald Dahl is one of my favorite Novelist of all time. To this day whenever I watch or read Roald Dah’ls revolting rhyme’s or any of his books or DVD’S that were created I still can’t help but laugh out loud, maybe it’s the child in me. To this day this man inspires me to write.

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