“A Thing Call Love”

It the word call love and how we can’t seem to get it right or think we get it on lock down or do we ever?

Triond is a Scam

All you newbies to Triond out there, listen to this.

I Can Rhyme Anytime

Read my lyrics in the tune of "I believe I can fly." Not bad, huh? :)

Ruby Sparks 2012- A Movie Review

A review on Zoe Kazan’s film.

Eagle Winged

Hey, this is my first post and I’ll just be going over the basics about myself, what my hobbies are, what I plan on writing about and how, and also the topics I’ll mostly write about!

All feedback is welcomed, please leave a comment if you have the time and follow me on twitter if you want to see my future posts.

For When You’ve Got Nothing to Write About

What are you thinking?
There’s always something to write about.

Hello Everybody!


How I Met My Boyfriend

I bet that lots of you people who read this article now wondered how couples manage to tell each other how they felt for each other for the first time, or how they get to know that someone likes then etc. Well, I will tell you my story about how I met, became friends with, confessed to my boyfriend.

Special Administrative Report: Hundreds of Users Leaving Triond Each Day!!

This is a special report on the recent happenings on Triond, mainly about the hundreds of users leaving each day! Its indeed shocking and revealing. Answers to all your questions and wonders on the situation. From the user’s point of view and the administrators point of view. What next for administration and next for users. What are we to do? Read on.

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