Things That Can Waste a Writer’s Time

Identify some of the things that can waste a writer’s time and learn to avoid them.

Write to Improve Your Skills and Not Necessarily for Money

Learn how to use freelance writing jobs to improve your writing standards and make more money from your writing.

Things Have Changed, But.

Things have changed and I am very confused!

Does Texting Help or Hurt Students in Non Texting Writing

Here is the results of a study that compared students who text in text speak and those who use proper grammar in writing texts. What are the results?

All Tips and Tricks of Writing a Great Descriptive Essay

What are the things to be careful about while writing a good descriptive essay? What are the key features of a good article?

College Essays – You’re Never Too Old to Proofread

College Essays – You’re Never Too Old to Proofread.

Grammarly: Helping You Write Professionally

Grammarly: Helping You Write Professionally.

English Grammar: Its Importance for Civil Survival

Importance of the Basics in Society.

Six Free Online Courses for Freelancers and Bloggers

There are so many writers online, that you really have to go that extra mile if you want to stand out from the crowd. Here are six free online courses that will help you to write better and get published faster.

Microsoft Word: Improving Your Writing

Using Word to help your write.

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