Six Free Online Courses for Freelancers and Bloggers

There are so many writers online, that you really have to go that extra mile if you want to stand out from the crowd. Here are six free online courses that will help you to write better and get published faster.

Microsoft Word: Improving Your Writing

Using Word to help your write.

Verb Model Two

Different verb models used in contemporary English grammar.

Cure The Fear of Making Mistakes When Learning a Foreign Language

We all make mistakes when we learn a new language and we feel dreadful about them.The result is that we start hating the language itself,lose our self-confidence and the whole learning process comes to an end.Learn how to avoid this pitfall.

Your English Teachers Were Wrong: Grammar Doesn’t Matter

My own personal experience with the English language.

How much does a Watch Maker Make?

Salaries in the watchmaking industry vary greatly.

Adverb Clause

Grammar grunts
just for you

Anything to Improve Grammar!

No grades, this quiz is just a refresher……….

Do Not Share What Other People Tell You

The conclusion is : Do not share what other people tell you. But sharing what we have done and we apply. Something of value : to read, to share, to be linked and to a place of learning …. and you do not need to wait until the perfect moment!

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Do you have another definition of a good article? Or do you have tips own way make a good article? Would deign to share via comments. May be useful.

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