The Alchemist Part One

Book report, part 1.

Striking Gold, or Digging a Grave?

Well, that depends,really.

Writing From The Deep Unconscious

A short article explaining how "word association" can be used as a powerful tool to tap hidden creative potential.

Love is NOT Love


New to Triond!

I am going to write about my first experience with Triond and my future plans here.

How to Make Real Money (Pay Pal) Online!

This article teaches people how to make easy money.

American Literary Honors

This essay was about the similarity of two poems which entitled “Nothing Gold can stay” and “Leader of the people”. The first similarity of those two poems is that in both situations there was an experience of a “gold day”. And the another similarity is surviving life.But the most common difference between the two works of writing is nature vs. human.

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