Scienceray, Okay, But How?

Trying to earn a buck can be quite frustrating.

A Word on Writing

Here’s why writing is terrible. And why I don’t want to do anything else.

Step Brothers /Movie Review (2008)

It took me a long time to see this movie and I could have waited forever.

#1 My Thoughts on – The Jerry Springer Show

This is just how I can express myself on events, shows, movies, people all of these kinds of things. and this is just my opinion so don’t get mad at me when I disagree with one of you!

My Corner of Writer’s Block

It is a fun thing to attain for however long that it might take to devour it outwards completely.

What’s with The Tags, Man?

I have had articles get rejected because of the tags supposedly not meeting the requirements, What a joke!

How to Bring All The Boys to The Yard

We had to write advice columns for English and I sort of took it at this approach. I’m absolutely kidding so don’t take this seriously.

Critics United: Fanfiction Cyberbullies the "Critics" in Disguise

A new form of cyberbullying that is taking the fun out of fanfiction. An article about them and why their "crusade" is completely useless.

Do You Review Your Articles While They are Pending?

Sometimes our work gets published within second and sometimes it can take a few days….

Humerous Writing: Mark Twain Shows Us How

Are there cultural differences in how we tell stories?

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