Top Five Most Effective Triond Features

This list discusses the areas of Triond that I feel are the most useful to the writer.

Further Tips on Headlines Which Grab The Reader

Headlines can be attention grabbers or the reason why people never read your work. If you are writing news articles, magazine features or short stories you need good titles. A few more tips.

Headlines Guaranteed to Grab The Reader

I’ve been a freelance writer for 12 years and have had short stories and poems published since the 1970’s so I have some proven tips for amateur writers. Headlines grab the reader is the first one.

English – Features of Diary Writing

This article will explain all the features of Diary Writing in English. Meant for KS2 – KS3 students.

Update on Writers Unite a Group on Facebook

Small But Making a Difference for Writers All Over.

A New Feature for Triond(ers)

They say if you are good, aim for becoming better!

A Brief Introduction to Technical Writing

It is always important to understand the importance of "Technical Writing" considering the evolving need of this critical field in today’s software industry. It is equally important to understand what is technical writing and at what level it has now merged into various products used across the world. Here we leave for you a brief introduction to Technical Writing!!!

Writing an Excellent Product Review

Product reviews are simple to write and can help increase your income and views if you choose to review a product that is popular.

Newspaper Work and the Creative Writer

Journalism teaches the short story writer skills that will make the short story writer a better writer.

Eight Features That Could Improve Triond

A list of improvements Triond could implement to improve the user experience and community aspect of their service.

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