A Change Suddenly

Desperate fight with self…

Love’s a Funny Thing.

Love’s all about how you see it..
Chase it, run from it..
In the end.. you’re better off just being yourself and letting love follow you around.

When One is a Poet : a Healthy Release

Writing is a healthy way to express emotion.

How to Spot a Liar

Beyond the verbal discourse, according to the neurolinguistic, occupies about seven percent of the total discourse, the body speaks.

Attempting to Renew My Passion for Writing

Is it possible?

My November Results

For Triond. NaNoWriMo was a fail.

I Am Indeed a Writer

Never mind. I’m never going to update. The problem is I’m too busy. But you can check it out anyways!

Life Essay

Meaning of life.

How to Use an Emotional Hook

How to Use an Emotional Hook.

About My Writing Coach.

I have this lovely personal writing coach / editor / grammar Nazi, that is grammatically polished and seems to be in tune with what the audience wants to read.

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