"Empty" a photo of a drawing of mine and a few words about it.

100 Sites for Fiction Writers: #78 – Inkygirl

When writers go seeking advice, perhaps it is best to find that advice from those who have gone before them. Thus, it might behoove writers to check in with the Inkygirl site.

World-building – How to Create a World From Scratch

How to create a world map complete with creatures, territories, and geography. Good for use in dungeons and dragons campaign, mud/mmorpg design, or a fantasy novel.

Thinking of Articles to Write for Triond

I have so many things to write, yet don’t know what I should write about.


Before long she was driven down the lane of nostalgia, the moments of the glorious childhood and young age. She felt she was related to the lake.

The Imagination

Everyone has one, but its up to them on how they use it.

Write a Comic

How to draw a three panel comic for newsapapers,websites etc.

The Curse of a Gift

The down side to having a talent.

The Most Odd and Unique Writing Style

The invention of Emoticon has revolutionized the way human express themselves via written communication.

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