Typical 10

10 typical steps of webdesigners, webowners or writers that I met online.

50 Shades of Grey…worth The Hype?

I read a lot – after hearing people talking about it it the street, I thought I’d give my theory another test…

Annoying Movie Cliche #8 “Something Was Chasing Me!”

I’m sure it was just your imagination!

The Tragic Parallelism of Movie and Real Romance

This is a tragic tale, the woes of a heartbroken yet equally lovestruck hero in today’s time. Here he compares the world of movies to his world (2.0), and laments at the impossibly large disparity between the two.

Cliches to Avoid When Writing a Fantasy Story

Some tips on what not to do when writing a fantasy story. Be that Novel or short story writing or just for fun.

5 Myths About Writing

They say things like passive voice and cliches are a big no-no in writing. Conviron Altatis disagrees.

Most Popular Triond Comments

No matter how “cliché-ish” are the comments, they are worth thanking.

Journalese – One Minute to Better Writing

Sometimes slang, urban or otherwise, is simply not the way to go.

Storystarters: Cliches – One Minute to Better Writing

Cliche – a trite phrase, a hackneyed theme, a thing which has become overused and commonplace.

10 Ways to Write a Good Story

The 10 steps will deliver to you the ultimate story experience to make your story different and interesting to a reader. Follow these steps (with examples) to improve your creative writing skills.

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