How To Trim The Useles From A Story

Creating someone is not easy, tastes, feelings,interests, secrets,love,hate, jealousy, and the rest of the so called human condition has to fit into the small bottle of a novel or the even more confined short story. So the question is, how would one fit a complex personality filled with ideas, tendency’s, hobbies,and beliefs, all into one book without tainting the character or the story.

Character Sheet Creation

For writers: Creating a basic character sheet to use as a reference.

Crafting Great Heroes and Villains

Crafting great villains and heroes (or antagonists and protagonists) can be difficult, but this article outlines things you need to consider when creating your characters.

The Dos and Don’ts of Naming a Character

As a writer, it’s very important to know the dos and don’ts of naming a character. This article lists them very plainly.

Advice on Writing a Character of the Opposite Sex

Writing a character of the opposite sex to your own can be a challenge. This article gives practical advice on the easiest and most effective ways to approach writing the opposite sex at a realistic and honest angle.

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