Love Changes Everything

Love does indeed change everything as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical sang out for the world to hear. That song focused, as most people do when pondering the subject of love, upon the aspects of love within a relationship.

Some Have Just Moved on

Writers seem to come and go on particular writing sites. It could have something to do with boredom or it could have something to do with low compensation.

How I Wish Triond Would Change

The changes that I wish would happen at Triond are:

Nothing Changes


When The Film is Different to The Book

Hey what happened to the bit in the book where…..?

Why We Do It

There has to be some good reason for continually heaping the misery upon ourselves that is the views and earnings check every day for writers on triond, and it comes down to the atmosphere.

More Triond Admin Honesty

It is truly amazing what a conversation on facebook can spark in terms of revelations, answers to questions we have all been asking, but not necesserily what you wanted to hear.

Are Triond Being Honest with Us Writers?

Take a look at some communications, and ask yourself why the situation has changed o much for we writers at triond over the past few years?

Owning Up

It is time to come clean about the ways in which I have been deluding myself here at triond. Things are NOT getting better.

Cryptic Piece

A story with heavy emotions, depth and undefined reality. you decide… is this reality, of plain words put together?

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