I Remember: My Inspirational Prose Behind Jacket Book

For every woman who has spent her life feeling imperfect because everyone took turns highlighting her flaws. For the angry black girls, the fat girls and for the ethnic girl.

Eight Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

What’s a writer’s worst enemy? That would be writer’s block. We all know it, and we all hate it. There’s nothing worse than having all these ideas, and now knowing how to put it onto paper. Or even worse, not being able to come up with any ideas to develop. It happens to everyone, and it can be extremely frustrating. Well I’m going to list a few ways that I have found to be successful in beating writer’s block.

Writing Ebooks for a Living

If you enjoy writing and earning an income online then you will most likely enjoy writing eBooks for a living. You do not have to be a professional writer or journalist to create eBooks and sell them on the internet. All you really need is a product to market and the ability to communicate its benefits to the masses.

Is It Worth It to Use Writing Websites?

Should you use writing websites to promote your, writing, business or products? This article helps to answer that question.

Short Stories Download-how Good are They?

Short Stories Download-How Good Are They?

How to Write a Novel

How To Write A Novel.

The Challenges and Rewards of Writing Trilogies

The challenges and rewards of writing trilogies.

Actions Speak Louder Than Word

Actions Speak Louder Than Word.

Author M R Mathias Announces The Release of The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Three Saint Elms Deep

Author M R Mathias announces the release of The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Three Saint Elms Deep.

How to Write a Winning Non-fiction Book Proposal

How to Write a Winning Non-Fiction Book Proposal.

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