Biggun’s Money Making Places #1: Triond

This is an article explaining the basics and introducing the reader to this way to write and make money at the same time.

Book Review: Mallworld by Somtow Sucharitkul

I review this old comic SF novel.

Overall Impression of The Romancing The Sword Quintet by Samuel Z. Jones- Review by Erin Miller

An overall impression written differently from most reviews I have done in the past.

Rymellan 3: The Triad by Sarah Ettrich- Book Review by Erin Miller

Sarah Ettrich lives in Canada and has penned amazing stories for the lesbian community. Here is a review of her third novel in the Rymellan series.

A Shout Out!

Giving credit to an amazing writer and artist.

New Novel by Erin Miller (And a Bout of Insecurity)

Well here we go to test this out… It means click the link if you are looking at this on my facebook page…

(Akurite Empire Book Two) Golden Firebird by Samuel Z. Jones- Book Review by Erin Miller

A book review of an independent author’s work.

(Rai-kirah Book 3) Restoration by Carol Berg- Book Review by Erin Miller

Erin Miller’s review of Restoration by Carol Berg.

Writing and Publishing

Learning as I go, and passing that information along to help others.

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