Writing Your Way to a Best Seller

How to get into the act of writing daily and what to expect at first.

Great Auto Bio-graphy

Mr Gandhiji book ‘my Experiment with truth" real truths in his life.

D.W. Hawkins and The Sentient Fire

D.W. Hawkins is a gifted writer who has served his country for the last ten years as Crew Chief of the Black Hawk. He served two deployments in Iraq and his last deployment was in Afghanistan. During these hectic years he has spent every spare moment writing his best seller,"The Sentient Fire" It made it’s first appearance in November. Dan has always been a fan of Fantasy and this Fantasy is the best story of that genre. The following is Daniel introducing his, "Sentient Fire."

Write a Novel

We as writers do think about writing a novel and sometimes we follow through. It’s true that many novels are written but few even make it to an editor’s desk. We read popular authors and, admit it, we often think we could do as well. So why not give it a try. We really might write a best seller or at the least, write a novel that makes it to the editor’s desk.

Do I Want to be Famous?

Deep down we all like to be known. All of us want recognition. But draw more attention than others and some do it in strange ways. Being an internet activist made me analyze all, from the indie musician, to the forum trolls, to famous stars, to find out that I doubt myself, while I just long to entertain people.

How Do We Know If Our Writing is Good Enough?

You are your own harshest critic.

Finding Ideas for Your Next Best Selling Novel

A good question and the morning paper is all it may take to bring your writing career out of a slump and onto the best sellers list. These two simple tips can help stimulate your creative mind and lead you toward ideas for a new novel.

How To Write A Novel 2

The second part of “writing a novel: a rough guide.”

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