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What’s with The Tags, Man?

I have had articles get rejected because of the tags supposedly not meeting the requirements, What a joke!

So I go through the trouble of writing a lengthy article for Triond and wait, and wait, and wait for it to be published. Then I get an e-mail telling me it was rejected because it didn’t meet their various requirements for the tags. Apparently, you are supposed to have at least three tags and the first three tags can’t have any of the words that are in the title. The funny thing is though, the article didn’t have any word from the title at all in the tags.

So what I did was create new tags. I did tag you’re it, skin tag and a couple of other stupid tags, heavily rooted in sarcasm, that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter of the article. Then, guess what happened? That’s right, it was accepted. This happended to me about three times lately. I am still waiting on an article to be published that I submitted hours ago. It is probably being held up for the same stupid reason.

Hey, who gives a flying crap about tags anyway? I mean, I couldn’t write the most horrible article that uses the most horrible examples of the usage of English grammar, typos left and right, spelling errors up the whazoo and it would be perfectly fine with Triond. Oh, but don’t violate their ever so precious tags policies. Really? I mean, really?

I did notice though that it seems to happen more often with articles that are critical of Triond. I am sensing some sort of conspiracy here. As Elmer Fudd would say: “There’s something a widdle scwewy awound here.” Just saying. So let’s wait and see how fast this one gets published and if I have to edit the tags again. So I’ll send this to Triond and say: “TAG, you’re it!”

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