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The Words Used by Good Writers

Words: they are only words, so why should we worry so much about exactly which words we use? How can words have an impact on the way we write our articles? Can words really have any influence on whether an article succeeds or fails? Good writers think that they can.

Using The Right Words

As a writer with many years of experience I can tell you that the right words, at the right time, with the right effect can make a big difference to an article being successful.

For example, there’s the writer who used the right words to inspire his readers with new innovative ideas, which they were then able to implement in their start up companies, ultimately leading to successful business.

Or the writer who used the right words to motivate her readers to want to become voluntary workers, and substantially increased their role and involvement in their local communities.

Or the writer who used the right words to reassure his readers that the illnesses that they were experiencing would just disappear if they were to change certain aspects of their diets.

So you see, using the right words has a very positive effect, but using the wrong words can cause the reverse to happen.

Think Before You Write

A writer has to think first, all of the time, before they express what they wish to say.  Expressing themselves without thinking first, about the right words to use, will mean that the response to their article could be affected by what they have said.

The response is generally a reaction to the words that have been used, therefore the right words will get the right response and success will follow, whereas the wrong words will bring the wrong response, which causes failure.

So, how do you find the right words that will mean that you get the right response from your readers?

You do it by putting yourself in their position; if you were them what would you want to hear being said to you?

By looking at yourself from their perspective, it gives you the unique opportunity to think about what you want to say, to formulate a set of words that will inspire, motivate or reassure them.

Doing it that way the response to your articles can only be positive and the outcome can only be successful.

Words: they are only words, but a good writer knows how to use the right ones.

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