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Six Basic Sentence Patterns: Grammar Lessons

Please get a chance to read this article about English grammar.

The world of English language is devoured by rules. These rules make other people follow the sentence structures. Learn this right here in order to structure your words with the same concepts. Let start with the first pattern.

Subject — Intransitive [S--IV]

1. The dog barked.

2. Sharon sang.

3. Sharon sang at the Ultra.

4. Miguel in section D4 sang softly at the Ultra yesterday.

5. She is dancing.

6. He is dancing right now.

Subject –Transitive Verb — Direct Object [S--TV--DO]

1. Ian loves apples.

2. Michelle like foreign movies.

3. Angela cooked Korean food.

4. We are writing twenty novels.

5. In the middle of the night, I watched horror movies.

6. Because I like going somewhere, I decided to travel.

Subject — Transitive Verb — Indirect Object — Direct Object [S--TV--IO--DO]

1. Father sent Marlon five hundred dollars.

2. Wilson gave Noel boxes of chocolates.

3. Gino promised Marlon pairs of necklace.

4. Reynolds wrote Frank a friendly letter.

5. Without his knowledge, I sent Helen four invitation cards.

6. Theo promised Faye a gift.

Subject — Transitive Verb — Direct Object –Object Complement [S--TV--DO--OC]

1. Marlon elected Ramir president of the class.

2. Ismael nominated Angie secretary.

3. Angela judged Earl champion.

4. Ma. Doris chose Marlon judge.

5. Daniel elected Peter school director.

6. Mark highly nominated Maryjane muse.

Subject — Linking Verb –Predicate Nominative [S--LV--PN]

1. Piolo is my hero.

2. Sam was my warrior.

3. Ann is my secretary.

4. Leo becomes the next president.

5. Max and Pete are the representatives for the seminar.

6. I am the winner.

Subject — Linking Verb — Predicate Adjective [S--LV--PA]

1. I am beautiful no matter what they say.

2. The pizza tasted good.

3. Rock music sounds good.

4. Maya remained quiet this time.

5. Dennis grew bigger.

6. She is happy at the moment.

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