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Methods of Paragraph Development

Paragraph Development.

Last year, I witness my friend injured while playing basketball. We run to
Him for a help and we notice that his carpal is bleeding. We carry him to their
House as fast as we can to tell his parent what is happen.  He runs to the hospital
for the operation. Now he is back to the game and his recovery was fast.

Writing Definition

Smooth muscle has no striations. It is involuntary, which means that we
cannot consciously control it. Found mainly in the walls of hollow visceral organs
Such as the stomach, urinary bladder, and respiratory passages.  Smooth muscle
propels substances along a definite tract, or pathway, within the body. We can 
Define smooth muscle using the terms visceral, nonstriated and involuntary.

Writing Classification

There are three types of body planes, Sagittal section, Frontal section,
and Transverse section. Sagittal Section is a cut made along the lengthwise, or
longitudinal, plane of the body, dividing the body into right and left parts.
Frontal Section is a cut made along a lengthwise plane that divides the body
into anterior and posterior parts. Transverse Section is a cut made along a
horizontal plane, dividing the body organ into superior and inferior parts.

Writing Description

Filtration is a nonselective, passive process. The filtrate that is formed is
essentially blood plasma without blood proteins. Both proteins and blood cells are
normally too large to pass through the filtration membrane, and when either of
these appear in the urine, it is a pretty fair bet that there is some problem with
the glomerular filters. As long as the systemic blood pressure is normal, filtrate
will be formed. If arterial blood pressure drops too low, the glomerular pressure
becomes inadequate to force substances out of the blood into the tubules, and
filtrate formation stops.

Writing Cause and Effect

There was a guy who has been a victim of hold-up. Instead of giving his
valuable things such as his phone and wallet, the guy fought to the criminal.
Result of this, the criminal hit him on his head. His temporal lobe was damaged
and he suffered Wernicke’s Aphasia characterized by fluent but incoherent
speech. In writing, it may be normal but contains nonsense words and

Writing Analogy

Nursing is like a bible. That has many mysteries and need to study. Many
of us seeks for that mysteries.  In nursing it is based on the technologies. While in
bible faith is the important and your experience in your life.

Writing Illustration

Many people visit hospital to get check-up. For example, in cold season
the most common illness is cold and coughs. While in hot season the most
common illness is conjunctivitis and etc. This are the example of illness that is
very common in our life. In addition, people must take their healthy diet to
prevent this illness.

Writing Process Analysis

Levels of structural organization in human being. First is Chemical level, in
this level atoms combine to form molecules. Second is Cellular level which cells
are made up of molecules. Third is tissue level which consist of similar types of
cells. Fourth is organ level which is made up of different types of tissue.

Writing Comparison and Contrast

Asthma and acute bronchitis are both disease and disorders of the
respiratory system. However, asthma is a breathing problem that makes it more
difficult to get air in and out of his/her lungs. Unlike acute bronchitis is an
infection of the bronchial tree (made up of tubes that carry air to lungs). Both
disease which affect the respiratory tract. Both range from trivial to life-

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