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Learn How to Type Without Looking: A Quick and Easy Method

Master typing without looking, using one easy sentence.

If you spend a lot of time typing online, you know how frustrating it can be having to look away from your monitor and down at your fingers when you type.

When you are trying to write articles or papers or striving to complete assignments, it can be time consuming if you are constantly switching between reference books and your keyboard.

If you are creating articles for online content sites such as Triond, you’ll definitely need to learn how to type without looking to take some of the work out of the article submission process.

You may not have the time or finances to devote to a typing course. So, how can you master the skill of typing without looking?

Mastering Typing Without Looking in Three Steps

  1. It helps to type sentences that use all the letters of the alphabet
  2. Whenever you have a few free moments, use these sentences to practice typing without looking at your fingers
  3. Type the sentences over and over

The following two sentences utilize every letter in the alphabet and if you practice typing each just a couple of times per day or a couple of times each week, you’ll find that your typing ability and speed grow rapidly.

Sentences that Help You to Type Without Looking:

  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  • Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.

Start with the first sentence and if you have to look in order to memorize the sentence or help your fingers to find the keys that’s okay, too. (Don’t worry about capitalization or punctuation; the idea is to just master the letters.)

Once you’ve committed the first sentence to memory and have a better feel for the keyboard, you should be able to start typing it without looking.

Don’t worry about typos. These will happen. Just keep practicing until you can type the first sentence flawlessly.

The process will seem awkward, at first-especially since you’ve relied on looking at your fingers while you type but you’ll be amazed at how you learn to feel the keys and how you start to type without looking at your fingers.

Typing Without Looking

Typing without looking is simply a matter of training your fingers to locate the keys on the keyboard. Once you develop a feel for where your fingers should go, the process becomes easier and easier. (This is really no different from learning to play a musical instrument or operating machinery. With practice, these tasks become automatic.)

This exercise is designed for people who have some knowledge of typing and who know where their fingers should be placed on the keys

And, for those of you who don’t know: your fingers should rest on the middle line of letters and cover the keys on either side of the letters G and H. Just line your fingers up sequentially on the letters on either side and you are ready to start typing! See my article Learning Typing: Finger Placement on Alphabet Keys for detailed instructions.

If you practice these two sentences faithfully, in a short period of time you will learn to type without looking.

Note: a sentence that uses all letters of the alphabet is called a pangram. It is good typing practice, using a pangram to master keyboard letters. Using a pangram to learn how to type is considered one of the easiest methods.

Pangrams for Typing Practice

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