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Know Your Target Audience

Writing articles? Then know your target audience.

When writing you should know your target audience. Who are you writing for?

You can pretend that you’re the reader, and/or you can write for the readers of a specific website, say astronomers, or musicians, or general international audience, and/or you can imagine a specific reader.

This helps you to write your article by focussing on reader(s).

Articles are written by writers, however, all articles are written to reader(s).

Your target audience helps you to not only decide what to write, but the style in which to write what you write.

Along with the target audience is the purpose of the article. Are you writing to present the audience for information, to persuade, to advertising.

Therefore, when writing, determine your target audience and determine your purpose for writing to that audience.

If you’re an online writer, you can write on similar subjects in your areas of expertise for many different websites, however, for each you must make your articles different. Having a different target audience and different purposes for writing the articles helps to make your articles different articles and helps to give them variety.

Let’s say you’re writing on the subject of jazz. You’re an expert on jazz. You want to write different articles. Here are the different target audience and different purposes:

  1. An article on jazz for a children’s website
  2. An article on jazz for a forum of experience jazz musicians
  3. An article on jazz appreciation for a general international audience, who may or may not know anything about jazz
  4. An article to advertise your jazz store to an international audience

You notice that each of these articles has a different target audience and a different purpose. Therefore, although you’re writing about jazz in each article, each article is different based upon the different target audiences and different purposes. In fact, based upon the use of target audiences and different purposes for writing articles, you can write many different articles on the same general subject.

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