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How to Write Publishable Prose and Fiction

Have your creative writing not been successful? then read this.

To understand the basic criteria of good writing, a holistic approach should be given to the traps that make good writing difficult.

A writer that depends on formula or secret key fails to impress, than one who follows his feelings and emotions. Feeling is the place where every prose starts. It evolves from the human heart. Therefore, a publishable prose contends with bringing a heart-bound feeling to the surface of any reader.

Another pitfall of good prose is fear! Fear of being wrong. A good prose must be bold, as a writer has the right to be wrong. Therefore, any well-written prose must be able to look at ideas in a new way.


  1. In order to get the right words to write, consider how the major character or the subject of the prose is to be viewed. This is important since everybody experiences and reacts to life individually.
  2. Decide the arrangement of the prose. You may want to employ flashback or recollections to bring the past to the present in a unique way. Another suitable alternative is moving from cause to effect, or vice-versa.
  3. No matter the style employed, the choice of words should be able to make the copy be alive by stirring the sensory perceptions of the reader. The key tools here are nouns and verbs. Preferably, use active verbs. Avoid passive verbs, as the former tends to evoke emotions from the reader that connects with the prose. Achieve this by bringing the past into the present by paraphrasing recollections into actions or skillfully knitting the two tightly together.
    The more you are able to use pictorial nouns that flash pictures and images, the more the reader is attracted to capturing these images on their minds where the overall impression of the work is memorized.
  4. Efficient use of pronouns is passport to a successful prose. Substitute them for nouns at strategic points along the prose.
  5. To incite the maximum meanings of words with precision, appropriate adjectives must be employed.
  6. The effects adverbs have on a publishable prose cannot be over-emphasized. They describe with pinpoint accuracy how actions are performed. Examples are angrily, sadly, animatedly etc.


To be a selling writer, always give the reader a stake in what happens. Put them in a win or lose position emotionally. Achieve this by putting up a character that the reader can feel for or against him.


A good prose should create a pattern the emotion of a reader is supposed to follow,–create a motivating stimulus that will bring about a change in the state of mind; –this change in state should finally lead to a reaction.

Furthermore, the three components of reaction should be engaged. These are

  • Feeling
  • Action
  • Speech

Finally, the secret of prose satisfaction is the release of tension. The way the tension that built up along the prose is released in the heart of the reader measures the satisfaction of the work.

With these few secrets weapons of a publishable prose, if any writer that knows his onions follows these steps religiously, he should be expecting fatter bank accounts as their prose goes to the market. Guaranteed!

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  • Barbra
    October 25th, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    I thougt your information to be extremely helpful. It was exactly what I was looking for, and written in easy to understand terminology that targeted pertinent points in great brevity. Thank you.


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