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How to Write a Conflict Essay

A conflict essay is an essay about the conflict in a movie or book. There are 4 main conflict types: Person vs. Self, Person vs. Person, Person vs. Nature and Person vs. The Supernatural. A conflict essay usually has 5 paragraphs; namely the introduction, the three body paragraphs and the closing paragraph.

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is used to hook the readers, and tell the thesis. The thesis is what you are trying to prove by writing the essay, the main point of the entire essay. The introductory paragraph is very important. If the reader is hooked, he/she will read on but if they aren’t hooked, then people won’t read your essay and you wrote it all for nothing.

Body Paragraphs

All three body paragraphs will begin in a topic sentence and at least three pieces

Closing Paragraph

In the closing paragraph, you must restate the thesis statement, summarize the three main points, and leave the reader with some final thoughts. You also have to make sure that no matter what, the thesis statement is not word for word as the original thesis statement.

That’s how to write a conflict essay. of evidence to support its topic sentence. The topic sentence states the main idea-supports the the thesis statement. the body paragraphs ususally are arranged from the least exciting topic sentence to the most exciting so the reader has something to look forward to.

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