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How to Make a Good Antagonist

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How to Make a Good Antagonist

This is a fun one. You get to show your dark side or defame someone you don’t like. Don’t get me wrong, the antagonist isn’t always a dark character but they are always the protagonist polar opposite. If the main character is a bad guy then the antagonist should be a good guy. Don’t use the words hero or villain (as you read this you will see why). They are outmoded point of view that is over used and over stated. Now let’s have a look at them.

Make your antagonist tough. The antagonist should always be as tough or tougher then the protagonist. They should never be unbeatable but should be indestructible. If your antagonist is out of the story before it’s over then the stories done. This is especially important in a series. Recurring antagonists make the story more exciting.

Make them hold malice against the protagonist. One way or another, the two characters don’t like each other. The antagonist should have an irrational hate for the protagonist and find any reason at all to attack the protagonist, physically or any other way they can. The attack should never be too destructive; the protagonist should always win in the end with few exceptions.

Figure out who is the villain or hero. Through most people write about a good guy character some do write about the bad guy. In these cases the antagonist is the good guy. These are the only cases the antagonist often wins. They don’t always win but they often do and if you think I’m wrong look at the stories where the bad guy wins and see who the story is really about. Sometimes these stories are better then the ones with the protagonist winning.

Figure out what the antagonist is. When creating an antagonist you should make them someone powerful. A powerful antagonist make’s the protagonist a far more interesting and exciting character. Your protagonist should rarely be a person with power and almost always be weaker then the antagonist. People love to see the underdog win so make the protagonist the underdog.

Have fun with the character on both sides and remember that this is for a story with action but can be used for drama as well.

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