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How to Make Money Writing for Textbroker

Making money with Textbroker can be frustrating but very easy.

Out of many of the pay-to-write sites that exists today, Textbroker is probably one of the most promising of the websites when it comes to earning money. At Textbroker, you can earn the most amount of money with the least amount of work possible. How? At Texbroker, assignments are created by bloggers and website owners who want content for their site. Furthermore, as an author you are paid directly an upfront by the client for your work unlike other freelance websites where you have to wait to write a lot of articles, promote your articles on social networks, hope that your work gets a lot of views, and hope that many viewers click on the ads.

1) Create an account

The first thing you should do if you want to make money on Textbroker is to create an account. Before you can start writing for Textbroker you need to submit a writing sample. You should try to make your writing sample immaculate for the website does rank writers based on quality level and the better quality level you are is the more money you could earn from article assignments.

2) Write everyday

You should write an article everyday in order to maximize your earnings. Assignments on this website does go very fast so it is imperative that you check everyday for new assignments.

3) Aim for $20

Textbroker pays weekly and the minimum payout is only $10 but you should aim to earn at least $20 per week to get the most for your time. You could earn more money depending on how much a client wants you to write as well as your quality level.

4) Try to improve your quality level

No matter what quality level writer Textbroker first ranked you as when you applied you can get reevaluated for a higher quality level. After every ten writing assignments you can get evaluated to see if you should get ranked higher or lower. The best way to get ranked higher is to try to make the least amount of errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar when writing articles. 

5) Streth your words

Because payment at Textbroker is based on price per word, you want to write as many words as the client wants and not go over. If you go over the maximum word count you would not get paid for any additional words. For instance, if the client wants a maximum of 500 words and you end up writing 530 you would not get paid for the 30 extra words. The best way to stretch the words is to avoid parenthesis, hyphens, and contractions such as: “It’s,” “can’t,” “don’t.” 

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