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English Expressions for Apologizing

Part Four. Designed by Conviron Altatis.

*Saying sorry might be hard but doing so is certainly a relief.


JUMPSTARTER: When was the last time you apologized seriously?__


EXPRESSION 6: My apologies but my boss said he refuses your business proposal.


EXPRESSION 7: I want to make an apology for the article that I wrote against your company last week.


EXPRESSION 8: Please forgive me for not paying much attention to you lately.


EXPRESSION 9: I regret postponing our appointment. My schedule is really hectic nowadays.


EXPRESSION 10: I am terribly/really/so sorry for not paying you on time. I didn’t mean to make you wait.

(sincere/very apologetic)

EXPRESSION 11: I apologize for my misbehavior last night. I didn’t intend to say those words. I was just drunk.


EXPRESSION 12: Hey, I ate all the cakes in the fridge. My bad.



SPEAKING GAMBIT: First, say sorry. Second, admit your fault. Lastly, make a promise._____

ROLE-PLAYING TASKS: Act out the following situations with a partner.

1.      You couldn’t understand a native English speaker’s speedy speech.

2.      You can’t pay the taxi driver because you just found out that you lost your wallet.

3.      You couldn’t give your customer a discount.

4.      You were not able to attend your best friend’s victory party.

5.      In the restaurant, you gave the customer a wrong order.

6.      You forgot your homework.

7.      You accidentally bumped into someone.

8.      You forgot to watch the movie your friend recommended.

9.      You don’t know the book an acquaintance is talking about.

10.  You bumped your Dad’s car into a wall.


CONCLUDER: Apologizing too often spoils the essence of the apology.______________



WRITE A LETTER OF APOLOGY FOR PUBLISHING AN ARTICLE THAT OFFENDED FEMINISTS. Use at least 4 of the expressions. (RECOMMENDED VOCABULARIES: discriminate, principle, subtle, conscience, culpable)

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