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Drafting a Narrative

A quick and helpful guide to the format of a narrative.

  1. Intro Paragraph
    1. Start with an interesting attention getter
      1. A quote
      2. A question
      3. A list
      4. A fact or bold statement
      5. Create a scenario
    2. Give background info that will tell the reader the general setting and people involved in the story/paper
    3. Hint at the significance of your event
  2. Body Paragraphs
    1. Evaluate events from your pre-write
    2. Group events into logical paragraphs (groups)
    3. Order the paragraphs into chronological order
      1. Describe narrative event
      2. Give a full explanation
      3. Give descriptive details
      4. Incorporate dialogue
      5. Have a great sense of what your feelings are about what you’re writing
        1. Try to paint a picture with words
  3. Conclusion
    1. Give sense of your final thoughts and feelings about your subject
    2. Tell the significance of the event
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