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You are The Shining Light

Its Dedicated to that special someone who channelised me to become who I am today…

Shine through me Oh guiding light,
Keep my deeds and love in sight.
Be with me through trials and pain,
Where life and love will be mine to gain.
Shine through me Oh Arms of Love,
Let me love like the One Above.
For I am your blessed One from thee,
Loving and giving experience free.
Shine through me Oh brimming hope,
You do help in this world cope.
You are to me my loving Rainbow,
Your vibrant colours do show.
Shine through me Oh Arms of Peace,
My your serenity never decrease.
For with you I feel the love,
The Angel of Peace from Above.
Shine through me Oh Integrity,
May I be honest through Eternity.
For all that I am is All For Love,
To spread unity like One Above.
For you are the Shining light to me,
May you shine through, be One for free.
For I am here because of your Love,
Cherished and held by the One Above.

May I shine to this world with love,
May it flow like the one Above.
To work together in perfect syngery,
As we concentrate together our energy.

Dedicated to Stranger… I am who I am because of you!!!!

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 9th June 2011

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