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Triond Articles Fell Over 700 Views in One Day

Triond views for my articles fell over 700 views from yesterday to today. Like some other Triond writers have stated, there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason.

The dips and curves of Triond views for articles has been unpredictable and alarming at times. Just as they can go up by hundreds of views a day for no discernible reason, so they can bottom completely out at the stroke of midnight.

My article views were over 700 yesterday, and over $1,000 the day before and the days before that they were close to 1,500. Today they are at 21. Another Triond writer is having the same phenomenon happen to her today, and she wrote about it as well. Indeed, what is happening?

This might be a technical glitch. Or perhaps the other numbers were inflated. Who knows? I do know that I am, like others, tired of the heap of problems that never seem to end. 

Pop-up ads that take over the screen (the same ad for the last week or two) whenever one tries to read or respond to an article is wearing. Very. I have timed out several times over the last two days simply trying to read someone’s article. Posting comments, only to be told there is something wrong on the form, when there is not. Refreshing the page no longer posts the comment, instead, it disappears. Going to a new article to read will many times get you the message that there is no such article. Re-clicking on the link may or may not work. Being told there are zero comments on an article when there are lots of comments. The number is never correct. Additionally, articles almost always go onto the wrong websites, and have to be moved. That is, if one can get them out of “pending” to begin with. 

There are more and more problems that are simply being ignored by the owners. I cannot, in the farthest stretches of my imagination, believe that they care whether there are problems or not. It is neglect of the website, and it is deliberate. Keeping just enough going to get Adsense or nonsense ads will still bring them in the money. As long as we are still posting, why do they want to bother fixing anything? 

It’s like being a slumlord. If your tenants are paying the rent, why does a slumlord care that the roof is leaking, the heat doesn’t work, and termites are chewing holes in it? It pays for itself each month, and it has no real resale value anyway. So, when the day comes, and it is no longer bringing in money, you board up the windows and walk away. 

And that is what concerns me, because I have no copy of my articles. I need to figure out how to transfer them to files. One day, all of us will click on Triond, and we will get an error message. And that will be the end of that. That is my belief.

I read somewhere today that Expert Column no longer takes duplicate articles from the writers. So, that avenue is gone. Procrastination on moving our articles to at least have copies is necessary for all of us who have not yet done so, and who have well-written articles that we wish to save.

Let us hope tomorrow brings some good news. 

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