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The Best Paid to Write Sites

The best sites that pay you for your writing online.

Many of us use paid to write sites to make some extra money online. We submit our recipes, opinions, poetry and general articles to these sites, and hope to make a buck or two by the end of the month. However, there are some sites that will pay you a lot more for your content then others, and have some benefits that will make you want to use that site over the competition. So, I have compiled the details of the four best paid to write sites online for you to compare.


Triond is all about media. You can submit photos, videos and songs that you made to them and they’ll publish them on one of their many satellite sites and pay you 50% of the advertising revenue. This works out to roughly a cent per 8-11 views. Not a lot, true, when based on a per article perspective, but once you have around 1000 articles published, you’ll have no problem making money. While 1000 articles sounds like a lot, the articles only have to be around 200 words. So if you stick with this site long enough, you can expect to make a ton of money. Check it out here:


Bukisa is currently in beta, but you can join and start making money today. On the home page is the Bukisa Index, which shows you how much money you’ll make (USD) per every 1000 article views you get. Bukisa also accepts powerpoint slideshows, videos and audio content so you can earn from multimedia presentations. They also offer a referral program, which allows you to earn from the friends and family you invite to the site. Bukisa generally pays more then Triond, but it is harder to get visitors to your content. Promotion is key on this site. For an invite, don’t hesitate to email me at

Associated Content

Associated content pays A LOT less then the other sites, and only accepts original content, but does offer a unique incentive. They will pay all US residents an upfront payment if their content is accepted to the site, on top of payments based on how many people read your articles. At first, you’re CPM rate is only $1.50 per 1000 people, but it can be raised to $2.00 max based on how many articles of yours are accepted to the site. While there is no referral program and it is hard to make a living off of this site, you can stand to earn a few hundred a month if you’re dedicated to submitting content.


Hubpages doesn’t pay you directly for your articles. Instead, they use a unique revenue share system that allows you to earn money from third party ads, like google, kontera, Ebay and Amazon. You earn from what you write based on how many people click these ads, and are paid directly by the ad publishing company that you integrate. While it is a CPC network, you can stand to earn more from this site then if you used your own blog or website. They also have a unique rating system that gets the best articles near the top, so the better the writer you are the more you’ll earn.

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