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Remove of Dark Spots on Your Face in Three Days

Learn how to get rid of dark spots on your skin very fast using a very simple method you can do at home, find out what really works to remove dark spots in 72 hours.

If you’ve ever had a dark spot, especially when it’s on your face, It can be a very embarrassing. I know what that’s like, luckily you ran across this article and I will show you how to get rid of those embarrassing dark spots in 3 days and it’s Not with lemon juice.  

A dark spot on your face can cost you your confidence which can cost you even more if your in a job interview or on a first date and you can’t stop thinking or subconsciously hiding your dark spot.  It’s a well known fact that there are fade creams like Porcelana that will gradually fade dark spots over time, but when It’s Friday night and you desperately need to show a clear face Monday morning, what should do?   

Use What Already Works, Just in a Different Way?

The answer is Intensive Spot Treatment, not too many people know about this method or how to use the method the right way. I use this method because it works, but I only use the method in emergency situations. This method will make noticeable changes to your skin over night, it is DRASTIC, an that’s why it works so fast. If you have a very serious appointment and don’t have 3 or 4 weeks, waiting for your fade cream to kick in then you’ll need to take some very serious steps. This method works fast because it uses the proven methods already available but I take it to the next level.    

Using Only the Best Fade Cream!                   

This method works with all fade creams but the better the product the better the results. The best fade cream for this method is Nadinola Extra Hydroquinone 3%.  Good Fade Creams have one thing in common, their active Ingredient “Hydroquinone”.

Nadinola Extra is the only fade cream that  is widely available with 3% Hydroquinone, all the other drugstore fade cream only have 2% Hydroquinone. If you can’t find Nadinola Extra then another good choice is Porcelana, although it’s only 2% Hydroquinone, Porcelana’s formula is so light and well made, it’s makes a perfect stand in.  

Step by Step: Simple Dark Spot Removal 

  • You will need a roll of Curad Transparent Tape, which can be found in most drugstores for under $2. (I tried buy this tape online and couldn’t because it’s so inexpensive, it’s only sold in stores). 
  • Next tear off small pieces of the tape and place them around the dark spot, leaving ONLY the dark spot exposed. After you have circled the dark spot apply a good skittle size drop of the fade cream on the dark spot, enough so it will last all night but not to much or it might spill over the tape circling the dark spot. 
  • Cut a small piece of clear plastic to place over the dark spot to keep the fade cream from drying out or rubbing off.
  • Use your index finger to make a small indentation in the plastic the same size as the skittle size drop of fade cream. If the plastic is too hard put it in the microwave for 8 seconds. Place the indentation plastic over the drop of fade cream. Tape down the edges as close to the dark spot as possible. The Idea is to allow the cream to be moist and touching the skin all night. 
  • The next day after you’ve showered, you will notice the dark spot will look a little pale an flaky, which is good an you’ll be tempted to pick at it but don’t,  just wipe it off with some alcohol and let it dry out for 15 minutes before apply more.
  • To make this really work fast you’ll need to simply rub in a small amount of fade cream to the dark spot 5 to 7 times during the day hours. That might sound like a lot but if you can just remember and apply a small amount on your dark spot ever time you go to the bathroom, you should be ok.

After 2 or 3 nights using this method I’m more than sure any dark spot you had will be gone, again if it’s a scar depending on the age and type of scar it is your results may very. 

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