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Now I Tweet Several Times Every Day Trying to Make The Big Money

This is how I plan to get hundreds of more hits every day on my Triond account.

This article is a follow up to a previous article I published here on Triond about making money writing flash fiction.

Am I making money now?  No, but stay with me.  From being involved in the Triond community, I’ve come to think that many of us feel that the people we think who are making really big money online, whatever the definition of big money is and whether or not they are making big money, will never tell us how they really do it. 

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Well, I think they have.

I think what they have said is that comments are not how you drive traffic.  Comments are nice and it’s a great way to be part of the Triond community, but traffic to the tune of 1000s of hits every day comes from search engines and social media.  And you have to get traffic in the 1000s every day just to make a few dollars every day.  You probably need traffic to the tune of several 10s of 1,000s every day to make nice money.  You are probably talking 100,000s for big money.

I think I have figured out how to make a couple of bucks (2,000 plus hits) every day writing flash fiction and articles about flash fiction.

I am still going to stay active in the Triond community and put up at least a couple of pieces of content a day.  I like the Triond community.  But no more poetry.  You make one or two cents on poetry and it’s dead.  The content I write now will be in my niche of flash fiction, and I will try to use words that attract search engines.  Now this is very important: everything I write from now on will offer a solution to a problem that my readership has or it will entertain my readership.  This content is designed to get hits forever.  That’s very important.  To my audience of writers and readers of short stories, this will be worth clicking on.

I have built up my personal blog to where it gets hundreds of hits a day and it sends a percentage of those hits to my Triond content.  A blog does not do this overnight.  The blog has over 1,500 pieces of content on it and thousands, that’s right, thousands of links back to my Triond content.

I’m pointing these things out not to brag, but to try to make those who think that by copying this or that, they will get the same results.  It took more than two years of experimentation to find out what worked and what didn’t.  And what worked for me will probably not work for you.  You have to find your own way.  So, I cannot tell anyone how to get hits.  I can only relate how I get hits.

Everything I publish on Triond shows up on my Facebook Wall and on my Twitter account.  Everything I publish on my blog shows up on my Facebook Wall and my Twitter account.  I post at least three times a day on my blog and now I Tweet several times a day.

When a visitor interested in anything that has to do with flash fiction hits any of these platforms, they find useful information and entertainment written in clear, controlled language.  If you do not write in clear, controlled language keep working at it.  But it will take time.  Time…time…time.  And I know there are those reading this who do not have the time.

It’s only very recently that I started doing all these things in a coherent way because it was only recently that I understood what I had to do to work towards getting thousands of hits a day.  So, I have no numbers to share with you.  All this only happened a couple of days ago.

I will continue to report on trying to make money writing online and be as honest with you as I can.  Remember, I’m not making the big money.  I’m just trying to figure it all out just like you.  My goal is to try to make a couple of bucks every day.  That’s my goal.  If I ever reach this goal, I’ll reconsider my position; but right now $2.00 a day seems like a huge hurdle to get over.

This article is about what I have figured out so far.  And, this could change.  Making money online is just like writing.  It is a learning process.

Flash Fiction: Nude Massage is a short story that illustrates the reading entertainment that is directed at my particular audience.

This is the Old Soldier reporting from Pittsburgh.

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