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Money and the Writing of Sexy Short Stories on Triond

The difference between pornography and erotica is the lighting.

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My strategy for making money on Triond was to pick two topics that I knew enough about that I could generate an endless amount of content and that would be popular, get me lots of page views.  I picked sex and writing.  When you’re a 62 year old man who got his MFA in fiction writing in 2006 you know something about sexuality and writing, enough to write about until the day you die.

I was pretty sure that the writing content might get a moderate number of hits.  And I was really convinced that the sexy content would get a lot of hits.  Well, the plans of mice and men and women often go astray.

The writing content is getting moderate hits.  And the sexy content is generating two to three times the hits of the writing content.  But as far as I can tell, the sexy content (flash fiction stories) only gets about a penny every ten or so hits while the writing content gets maybe a penny every five or six hits.

Here for your reading pleasure are some of my most popular writings on Triond.

Girls Gone Wild

Girls Kissing Girls

Sex Videos

For articles on the theory of writing flash fiction, you may be interested in 10 Great Flash Fiction Ideas, The Mystery of Flash Fiction and Flash Fiction and the Essence of Creative Writing.

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