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Letter to Michael Jackson

Urban Poems.

Letter To Michael Jackson

You blessed us with your music And with your dance
you inspired everyone even when they were far
you touched the world’s heart with your moves and voice
you gave every kid in need what you could…
Your lived a very special life
though many thought it was perfect
it really…..was not…..

Rumors came from wall to wall and you endure those punks
You paid a price with all the fame u gained but who are we to blame?…
you sparked us since the day you were a kid
learning from James brown you became unique..

You always were a good person
a person that we can look up to
a person who had passion on what he did
a person who always gave fans what they wanted..
A person who may now rest in peace after all that has happened…

From “don’t stop till you get enough”
to “we are the world” 
all your songs will always be loved..
Your entire dance moves will be remembered..
I know that I haven’t seen anyone that even comes close to you……from what I can remember…

You changed the future of music
you changed the future of love
you always wanted peace
and everyone to have a home…

“Oh My God =( ” was everyone’s reaction
some people joke about it, guess they never knew who was Michael Jackson…
so much pain we caused you and now we are all full of sorrow…
so much pain we caused you and now we take it back cuss we lost an icon..
So much pain we caused you, yet you still overcame all those obstacles…
so much pain we caused you, and now you’re just a god that our hearts cry to…

know that you will always be in our hearts till we get enough
know that we will always beat it when there’s a fight
Know that we truly are the world as you once said
Know that earth song is something that’s stuck in our heads…
Know that thriller will for ever live..
Know that black or white will never matter..
Know that the only smooth criminal was you..
Know that Dangerous she was, and you were too…
Know that we will always rock with your music
know that we will always be starting something…
Know that that Billie jean was not your lover…
know that !Amazing!, was the way, you made us feel…
know that you were only Bad in music..
Know that All Dirty Dianas, love your music…
know that now those rumors will Leave You Alone…
And your fans will always remember the Time you were gone…
Know that you and Janet will always scream
Know that You Are Not alone even though you had no choice..
Know that you will always Rock Our Worlds…
know that we Just Can’t Stop loving you… this world…


july 22, 2009


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