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Is Triond a Legitimate Site to Write for?

With hundreds of sites offering money for people to work from home, is Triond really what it says it is? Can you make money there, and how do you get started?

I joined Triond in January 2008. At first I had a slow learning curve and must admit I expected more than I got. I figured it was an easy $300 – $600 a month income. I was wrong, but am NOT disappointed.

Triond was my first on-line writing site experience and it is still my favorite although I do earn more money on a different site.  Read on:

How it Works

Triond welcomes writers from all over the world!

You write an article, submit a picture, video, or music file. Triond generally takes no more than 24 hours to publish (and sometimes publishes in less than 1 hour) your submission. Triond has different sites which they publish different types of articles on. To submit an article one goes to the “Submit” button and inputs all information. Poetry, for example, is published on Authspot, and offers lower payouts than informative articles, such as ones on how to clean your house, which would be published on Gomestic. Pictures may be used in articles but must be either the authors own photos, or ones that are copy write free for commercial use. Triond also offers picture suggestions for articles if people do not have their own to use.

A persons own pictures, video, and music files are uploaded by using their “Submit Media” button, which they get to following their “Submit” button.  Pictures are published on Picable, CLICK HERE to see an example of a Published Picture. 

Triond has an advantage over other writing sites because they publish the articles on different sites. This creates separate, and professional appearances of each site.

When a link is published the submitter gets an e-mail notification. They can also sign in and check their Content listing.

Every click on that link then counts towards the payment. As such the best way to make money is to write good quality links and promote them (clicking on your own link several times a day will not count). Different sites pay different amounts based on views.

Triond will mail you a check when you reach a minimum payout amount, or you can have them pay you directly to paypal. At the time of this writing, they do their payouts on the 10th of the month for the earnings made the month previous. I have never missed a payment.

Is it for Real?

YES! Triond is for real. I have been paid every month. When I joined Triond the payment date was the 15th of the month, it is now the 10th. At any given time you can easily see what money is owed to you. The minimum payout will be based on the type of payout you request, either Paypal, or Check.


How Much Money Will I Make?

That entirely depends on how much you write, how well you write, what subjects you write about, and your skills at promotion.

Writing often means more links, which simply means more opportunities for views. However having lots of links, if they are all junk, will not get you far.

Writing well means viewers are more likely to click on your other links too and subscribe to your RSS feeds. Writing well means good grammar, good spelling, and good information.

Writing on key subjects means writing about things that people are using the Internet to gather more information on. Writing on popular topics will get you more hits through search engines.

Promotion avenues are mentioned below. A writer should plan on spending at least 15 minutes a day reading, and commenting on other writers links, as well as promoting their own in a professional manner.

If a person has a Google AdSense they can integrate that as well and make even more money. I have not done this yet.


I personally write 4-5 articles a week, not many by some standards. I have a dial up Internet connection so promotion take a while, I primarily use StumbleUpon (and cannot stress enough the importance of also Stumbling things OTHER than your own). I average between $30 and $80 a month, knowing many people, with more time, do make more than this.

These are two of my better articles, the Earnings column shows earnings for the current month, Total Earnings show how much the articles have made totally. 

If you wish to read either of these I have included links to them here, as you will also have an idea of how 2 Triond sites look.

60+ Songs Worth Listening To

How to Make an Entire Sea Disappear

How to Promote

You can have your Triond account linked to your Twitter account, in this way anytime you publish it is automatically updated on Twitter, thus gaining you views. You can e-mail your link to family and friends. Your link will show up on search engines if you have tagged it correctly. Again, you will note that people look for informative articles more so than for poetry and short stories.

You can add your Triond Links to your Facebook, or MySpace, or any other social network site. A person should be cautious not to spam on sites such as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, submitting only their best sites, and not submitting too often to the point they get labeled as being a spammer. In these types of sites it is always important to have lots of friends and to be sure to view AND support things other than your own submissions.

Triond also has a good network of people and one way to get hits is by viewing, and commenting on, other Triond users links. Add people who have similar interests and hopefully they will notice your comments and in turn view and comment on your links, supporting, and sharing those they love. You can add Triond users as friends, they also have a fairly active forum, although it does stray from the topic of writing.

Finally by signing up under an active Triond user, you have better success that your good articles will be shared and promoted. This is because Triond has a referral program whereby people can sign up new users and get paid for doing so. This plan does not have a negative impact on the income of the person who signs up and may only increase their income if they write things the person above them enjoys and will promote too!


If Triond sounds like something you would like to try, it costs you nothing, and have ideas, pictures, or information, that you would like to share, join me at Triond by CLICKING HERE.

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