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How Triond Works (For Dummies)

How the Triond system works, explained very simply for dummies and newbies.

Hey there newbie or dummy!  So many new people that sign up to Triond have no clue how the system works or how they make money.  This article will explain it so even the dimmest people can understand.


•Whenever someone VIEWS an article that you have published you earn a fraction of a cent. 

•Do not ask how much you earn, because it VARIES from topic to topic.

•There are ADVERTS on TRIOND ARTICLES.  Whenever someone CLICKS on an advert Triond makes some money.  They give SOME of this money to YOU.

•You do NOT earn money when someone comments on your article of presses the like button.

•You get onto the hot content list by getting COMMENTS on your articles.

•You get onto the BIG DASHBOARD hot content list by getting lots of VIEWS.

•You can publish almost ANYTHING at Triond.

•It takes anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours for an ARTICLE to be published.

•Do NOT go to the Triond forum for help.  Just leave a comment on this article asking your question and you’ll get a better answer.


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