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How to Write an Essay – Get Good Marks for Your English – Never Get Yelled at Again

This guide will show you how to write a very good essay. Always get good marks for your English test. Never get yelled at again for a bad essay. Read on to find out how.

Right, welcome to my guide on how to write a good essay. Essays are short stories that revolve around one topic. If you want to pass your English exam with flying colours, read on.

In an exam, English counts for 60% of your total score. Half of that 60% is given to your essay. Now, English is the most important subject as you cannot pass VCE without it. I will tell you how to write a good essay.

The Contents

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Body Paragraphs
  4. Conclusion
  5. Giving Credit
  6. Some Tips and Warnings

Number 1

A title should be one or two words. It should tell the reader about the topic of your essay. It has to be specific or else the reader might think that you are misleading them.

You write about cats. If you call it ‘Taking care of Fluffy’ the readers won’t understand what it’s about. Therefore, they won’t want to read it.

Example - If you call it ‘How to take care of cats’ the title is more specific. Thus, the readers will know that your essay is what they want to read and they will know that it won’t waste their time with useless facts.

Lesson 1:Always make your title specific so that the readers know what they are going to read about.

Number 2

An introduction is a short paragraph explaining what the body paragraphs are going to be about. An introduction should be four to five lines.

If you just want to write about something and was not given the idea for anyone, give background infomation.

If you were given the idea from someone or you are doing a test, do not give the background infomation. This is because the people who are testing you, gave you that specific topic because they knew about it.

After giving or in other cases, not giving your background infomation, you should get straight to the point. There are two things that you should write to start it off.

Example 1 – The topic is ‘Dogs are better than cats’. In this case, you should write ‘This statement is true’ or ‘This statement is not true’. By doing this, you give the reader your opinion straight away.

Example 2 – The topic is ‘People are too dependent on technology. Do you agree’. In this case you can’t write ’This statement is true/not true’. Since it wouldn’t make sense. Think about it. You should write either, ‘It is true that people are too dependent on technology’ or you could write ‘It is not true that people are too dependent on technology’.

Lesson 2:When given a topic by someone, do not write any background infomation. When giving the reader your opinion, make sure the line you start with is correct.

Number 3

The body paragraphs should be at least five lines long each. All of them should give reasons that support you opinion on the topic that you have stated in the introduction.

Remember, quality is not better than quantity in this case. You must have an equal amount of each. The reason is that if you have two lines of extremely detailed writing for a paragraph, it would be too short and you would get low marks. The same goes for a long yet undetailed paragraph.

Paragraph 1 – Your first body paragraph should contain your best argument on the topic. Even if the body paragraph 2 and 3 are not so good, number one will back it up and make them all seem good.

Paragraph 2 – Paragraph two should contain your second best argument. This is because the reader only focuses a bit on the second one so they won’t notice that you don’t have an argument as good as the first one.

Paragraph 3 – In paragraph 3 you have a choice of which one to pick depending on the topic. You could continue with your worst argument or you could write your grey area. The grey area is when you acknowledge the other side of the argument. You could start off with, ‘Although it is still important that SOMETHING is still important, we should still acknowledge that some people might think that SOMETHING is important because… You could end with ‘However, it is still important SOMETHING SOMETHING is still more important than SOMETHING.

Lesson 3:Your best argument should be in the first body paragraph. You can also acknowledge the other side. This does not mean that you change your opinion.

Number 4

The conclusion shoulld be two to three sentences long. It shoud not give any more ideas and only summarise everything up. I reccommend that you end it with ‘Ultimately, dogs are better than cats’. Obviously the dog and cat topic might not be the one you’re doing.

Remember to end it well so that the reader thinks that you have wrapped up the whole essay properly.

Lesson 4:The conclusion should be a few lines long and summarise your whole essay.

Number 5

If you have gotten your infomation from another source such as a book or the internet, you should write down the name of the resource and the author who wrote it. This way, you won’t get accused for plagiarism and there won’t be any problems from the author of the other article.

Lesson 5:Always write down where you got your infomation from.

Number 6

Some Tips and Warnings

  • Do not shorten any words. Example – don’t   do not, can’t   cannot
  • Remember to write down where you go your infomation from
  • Edit your work very carefully, be careful of careless mistakes
  • Make sure you have an equal amount of quantity and quality
  • Practice and you should have better and better essays

I hope that this guide has helped you write better essays. If you like it, click the button that says ‘I like” at the bottom. I worked very hard on this. I also hope you will pass any English test that you come across in the future. Keep practicing and happy writing!

If you have some more ideas on how to write an essay, don’t hesitate to write about it underneath.

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    Very nice guide, but I saw one error..

    “Number 4:

    The conclusion shoulld be two or three…”

    You have “shoulld” and it should be “should” ^_^

    Looks like I am helping you! XD

    Thanks for this, it has already made me considerably better with what I want to accomplish! ^_^

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