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How to Use Squidoo to Find Micro Niches

Do not make things harder than you have to, use the resources available on other writing sites.

Now I work hard, and I put in long hours sometimes researching for articles and in the process I have found easier ways to get the information I need. Now I am not recommending that you copy anyones work because that is cheating but you can study and learn from other writers.

We all in the same boat, so to speak, everyone wants to find profitable high traffic low competition niches. The challenge is to find a micro niche within a larger niche. For instance car insurance is a big niche and a profitable one too.

What do you know about your market?

So if you want to compete how can you narrow down your search? first start by breaking up the large topic into smaller pieces. For instance who needs car insurance?

Your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, your neighbor, basically anyone who owns a car, motorcycle or Recreational Vehicle or boat.

Now that you know who needs insurance you will start to see micro niches. So lets look into RV insurance quotes and rates.

What happened when you typed rv insurance in google? Bingo its a niche so now your on the right track.

Look for related search terms

Next go to the bottom of the page, on my search results it says that my searches related to rv insurance are. aaa, motorhome insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, allstate rv insurance, good sam club, travel trailer insurance, rv insurance companies and progressive insurance.

So I will click on each one and see how many results come up, as well I will look and see what websites are writing on the subject. To let you in on a secret, if you see Squidoo in the results then you know that the niche is making money.

Internet Marketers use Squidoo

How do I know this? Well because internet marketers use Squidoo and they invest lots of time testing and researching niches. 

Learn from their work. So I found a lens called discount insurance quotes, some things that I can learn from is what sponsored ads show up, as well as the keyword phrases being used, and related lens.

Using Chitika Ads

Probably the best thing that I have learned is what advertisers are using Chitika ads, this is important to know because if  you no longer have a google adsense account you may be trying to make money with Chitika ads on sites like bukisa. 

If so you will need to study the market and see what niche topics work best. Squidoo is one of the places I have learned to do this. 

Look at categories and featured lens

Another tip is to check out the categories and the featured lens. Believe me this will save you so much time and get you jump started in the right direction.

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