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How to Publish and Sell Your Ebook on Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the easiest ways to publish and sell your ebook. Let me share with you my experience on how to use Clickbank.

How to Publish and Sell Your Ebook on Clickbank

On my previous articles I shared about how excited I am to start selling ebooks!  As an online writer, I found that it is a good idea to turn my articles into ebooks.  So I started with ebook project number 1 to see how it goes!

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Here is the update: I’m so excited to receive notification from Clickbank that my ebook has been approved!  It should be available in the marketplace within 24 hours.  It means that the book will soon be available to the public.  For any ebook orders that will come in, Clickbank will handle the payment collection, processing and delivery of ebook.  It’s all automatic so you don’t need to worry about the backend process of selling your ebook.  And Clickbank handles customer service too so it’s great!

What are the things you need to do to sell your ebook on Clickbank?

You need to have 2 pages: the sales page (or pitch page) and the thank you page. 

What is a sales page or pitch page?

This website, or webpage, is the place where you “convince” the readers to buy your ebook. 

This is the sales/pitch page that I made:

What is the thank you page?

This is the page that Clickbank will direct the customer to after the payment is made.  Here you thank the customer for the purchase, and place the link to download the ebook you’re selling.

Want to know all the details on how clickbank works?

This is the Clickbank website:

The selling basics are covered in here:

After you read the details on Clickbank, you will be excited to start making and selling your ebook!

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