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How to Make Money on Triond

Unless you are Oprah and get paid to talk, leaving comments and writing for Triond may leave you wanting.

Sometimes these comments take the form of your opinionated or factual writing. You may write about some event for others to read about. There are other blogging websites that accepts your productions of which I can not mention because Triond is not a commercial site. Triond bans any type of advertisement. Triond is quite beneficial if you need publishing experience for a job. An employer may ask have you ever been published. If you are building up your freelance writing portfolio, then Triond is the place to start. Making money on Triond is a different story. I have read many suggestions on how to make money on Triond, though; I think those written articles were actual tryst at moneymaking. I used the search box on Triond and came up with almost 9,000 pages on How to Make Money at Triond.

Therefore, one way to make money on Triond is to use the community itself. Write articles about Triond and use the “About Writing Tab” when submission for publishing. Everyone on Triond will not read the articles but you are guaranteed to get more than two page views. Two page views are guaranteed because you can read your own article and at least one other Triond member will read also. There is a comment box at the end all of the Triond writings and that is where you can leave good comments. Leave good comments because the writer will most likely add you as a friend and return the praise when you write your work. This one to another system result in page views which will increase the money you make on Triond. That brings the guaranteed page views and probability of making money up to three, you as the author, the Triond writer, and the Triond reader. Triond is a good beginning.

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