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How to Get More Views for Articles on Triond

This is about how to get a lot more views and earn more money on Triond.

Triond of course is awesome. It is easy. You just post articles, pictures and other things and you earn money for how many people view your post. Here is an awesome tip on how to make money on triond. I got about 400 views in 2 days!

1. Make a yahoo answers account.

2. Copy the url of your triond article.

3. When you answer a question put the url in the answer. If you don’t answer the question your answer will be deleted and your account may be deleted. If you don’t care about this just put the url. If you don’t want your account to be deleted answer the question and put you url. At the end of the day you should see that a lot of people have read your article.

You also can go to and change your url so it looks like something someone might want to read so then they will click on it and you get more views.

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