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How to Express Love to Your Husband

Love is the grease that allows the gears of your marriage to turn, without it life will be hard. Expressing love to your husband will bring joy and happiness to any marriage. If you love your husband, why not make the effort to express it to him.

Most women love their husbands, but many are not very sure on how to express that love. The problem is that in our western world, we get mixed messages about what we mean by the word ‘love’. Think about it for a moment – most of us will, in the same breath, tell others that we love our husbands and then go on to say we just love that new sitcom that was on last night – isn’t that just insane? How can we use the same word to express how we feel about our husbands as we use for KFC or a tv show? No wonder we struggle to express ourselves properly!

The secret to expressing your love to your husband is to notice how he expresses himself. Men are unique creatures, and each one is wired a little bit differently. Since there are various ways to express love, it would be wrong to assume that your husband is wired the same as you. So watch your husband, and notice how he expresses love to you. Here are some key things to look out for with this:

Does your husband do a lot for you? Does he make you cups of coffee or run you a bath at the end of a hard day? If so then maybe this is how he expresses love.

Does your husband give you lots of physical affection – hugs, cuddles, kisses or holding hands? Maybe this is how he is wired to express love to you.

Does your husband praise you? Does he lie in bed and tell you how wonderful and beautiful you are? This may be his way of expressing love to you.

You may ask why this is important, since the question was ‘how to express love to your husband’ and not ‘how does your husband show that he loves you?’. In this mixed up world where love is used as an expression about food and cars and children and partners, the way in which your husband expresses love to you is like a window into how he is wired. It should show you how he understands love. What he gives to you will be what he will be looking for. This is so obvious but it is so often missed by people.

Does your husband always do things for you? And maybe you spend all day telling him how much you love him, but he complains that he feels unloved… its because you are not meeting his needs.

You need to learn how to express love to your husband. You need to learn from your husband how he needs love to be expressed to him.

Without a tangible expression of love flowing both ways, a marriage is not something to be enjoyed but endured. Love is the grease that allows the wheels to turn in your marriage; get it right and your life may become much more joyful 

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