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Four Good Websites for Upcoming Poets and Writers

Many of us write poems. We can find many aspiring poets all over the internet. People who are trying to get a way to be recognized, publish there poems in various websites. I know many poets who always look for new websites to publish their work. Though we have many poetry publishing sites on the internet but if you go through properly, you’ll realize that most of them are nothing but very ordinary and amateurish. This is my attempt to help my fellow poets in Triond to show some real good sites where they can publish there poems and improve their writing.

From many I’ve picked four websites where you can publish your work. If you become an active member of these sites, I can assure you would improve as a poet and will get some recognition that will help you to publish your poems in the printed version. This is a very good site mixed with young amateurish poets and very talented semi professional poets. This site has a good structure and signing up is very simple and easy. Once you are in, read some good poetry over there and add good poets to your favorite poets list. This will give you a proper platform. As you know if you comment on other’s work, there is always a good chance they will return the favor. You’ll find lots of very good writers in this site. So it won’t be that tough to make a good list and be friendly with them. This site holds weekly contest. If you are a good writer others will nominate your poem for the contest. You can also join in the club. This is a good idea if you want to make a quick impression. This certainly will increase your visibility. Overall this is a good site for improving your work. This is another good site with lots of writers. Here you can publish your poems, lyrics and quotes. Signing up and creating a profile is very easy and fast. This site also has good structure and it’s good to publish poems here. I’ve found many good poets here who are writing and sharing their works through this site. Once again you have to add some good poets in your contact list to increase your visibility. Give comments and honest feedback to them and you’ll also receive the same. Biggest plus point of this site is you will find lots of contests based on different themes, which is very good for improving your writing skill. You should participate on those and if you win the contests every now and then, you’ll become a very popular name of this site. You can also create your own contest and then challenge and invite your friends to join it. Starlitecafe also publish books. They create challenges for that and the winning poems get published in the book. A site where you can publish anything. Poems, lyrics, short stories, any sort of creative writings. Though here you’ll find number of young and amateurish writers but there is a good pool of very talented writers too. This site is quite interactive. You can earn points by commenting on others and by those points you can advertise your poetry to the front page of that site. This is a good policy to increase the visibility of your work. This is not an outstanding poetry site for sure but much better than many trash poetry sites over the Internet. You can give it a try. This is a very good site. I rate this site very highly from my personal experience. Quality of the poetry is very high and good here. I’ve found many fantastic poets in this site. People who never give you trash comments or insignificant feedback. If are a good writer, you’ll be noticed. All the comments and feedback are very logical, that helps you to be a good writer. In every month there is a contest based on theme. Also there is a prize money or gift voucher for the winner. It’s a good site for contemporary poets.

I hope this article will help my fellow Triond friends. I’m not doing it for any referral sort of things, as these sites don’t have any referral program. All I’m doing this for is to help my poet friends to give them more scope to share and improve their works. The more you publish your work, more you’ll improve and there’s always a chance to be noticed by any publishing company who always look for new fresh writers. So if you are serious about your writing and sharing them on the Internet then check out these sites, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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