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Facebook Applications for Writers to Consider

Using some of these applications has brought me views and possible employment.

As a web provider and published writer I am always looking for unique applications on a variety of social media sites to work with that are suitable for my career. Facebook offers a few good applications for writers to work with which has been quite useful for me and could be useful for you to use.


When you open up your Facebook page, on the far left hand corner at the bottom of the page, it says applications. Click on this link. When it opens up, click on browse applications. Another page will open up so you can view all applications that Facebook offers. They are separated into categories to help you locate them quicker.


Under the topic business, I have found a few to help with freelance writing.


RSS Feed


I strongly suggest the feed to be added to your Facebook page, this is a wonderful application. You can place five direct feeds into that one application, which will look like a small box on your profile and Facebook page. Placing a direct feed to your blog or articles can help you generate views, and gain you some new business contacts. The feed of course could be used for any other business venture as well.




The Marketplace is a wonderful application that you can place ads on to the application to be viewed by the two million users who happen to use the same application. It resembles your profile and a webpage combined. They do not allow any business to be listed, that is against Facebook policy. You need to purchase an ad for that particular method of advertising. However I did place an ad to sell my articles to a variety of websites through the Marketplace application. You have a limited amount of text, and I found most placed a link to what they were selling. What I did was write a brief summary on my blog, and placed the link on the ad. The Marketplace application can be found and discovered in the business topic area as the RSS feed.


I am Writer


This application has brought me much joy and happiness to use. Only 200 of us writers on Facebook use it. It resembles your profile quite a bit.  They choose a writer of the day which is displayed on the right hand side of the screen. You can meet other writers, share your links of your articles, or offer writing advice. I hope to see this application grow, and see more joiners. The status bar they offer is similar to your facebook status bar but you tell others your writing feat or literate feat of the day or week. The question to answer is; how were you literate today? They also have a section called postings where the community can share a variety of ideas with each other. When you use the status on the I am Writer status page, it is also placed onto your Facebook profile if you choose the setting to allow it to be viewed. This application is not located under the business category so I added a link to it. You can also the search method by placing I am Writer in the search and it will show you where to go.


These are the few I have located and wanted to share with you to use. Should I stumble upon other worthy applications that can actually make a difference in your writing, I will share them in another article.


Get going to these writing applications if you have a Facebook account.

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