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Many other opportunities exist to make money writing online. Not all of them are as good a use of your time as others.

With the tough economic times we are facing now money can be a problem. Many people want to get a second job to help pay for things like gas, and food. If you look online many sites offer chance to get some money, most of these are just get rich quick schemes but some of them are legitimate. You are probably familiar with Associated Content and that you can get paid for writing on that site.

One site that I would not recommend to anyone to use their services or to write for is Essay Writers. My experience with them has only been negative and I would think that yours would be too.

One of the first things I disliked about them is that they took so long to reply I think it was a matter of months before I had been approved. You send them a resume with writing samples and you wait for along time for approval to join the site. I had forgotten about the site by the time they send me an e-mail letting me know how to sign-in and get started.

If you are just looking for additional writing work or just some part time side work to do from home then the fact that it will take a few months to hear back from the site is not a big problem. But don’t worry things don’t get any better.

They check your first article to make sure it is any good, which is understandable, but if my writing is no good why did they make me apply and send samples already? As for the selection of papers the prices you get paid for are not anything like they initially tell you to sign up. You are better off writing what you want for associated content then getting paid less for the same or even harder work for them.

So what prices can you expect to get paid for your work? Well it seems about $4 page is common. The lowest I have seen is $3 a page that you could write a paper college paper for other sites and get more for easily. I would think that the average per page is actually about $6. The site promises as much as $16 a page and I have yet to see such high prices per page. The largest I have seen is $12 a page, but here is the problem with the few high priced pieces, there are few of them, they are typically for PhD level articles, and they are last minute assignments that are nearly impossible to finish in time.

Obviously the site isn’t as great as it sounds. But there is more, you are limited to 3 articles at a time. If you have pick three that are do in 6 days you can’t pick another until you get one done. Three articles in 6 days is not much at all and since all writers should be professionals with experience we should know how to manage our time.

I had a couple of articles that I picked up with 6 days to complete, with two days left I had not been the site in a day or two over the weekend. Early in the morning (they must be East Coast based and not care I am west coast based) I get a call from them about how I have not signed on and it is required if you have an assignment to sign in every 24 hours. Well now I know but do they have to call you and wake you up? Again I am a professional I have done newspaper work you want deadlines work for a newspaper. I got the articles done early as I like to do anyway but it was annoying they have to make me sign on during the weekend and when I don’t they have to call me and wake me up, it would maybe be understandable if I was late on an assignment or something but with plenty of time left it was a bit ridiculous.

Finally they take long to pay. I guess they are not the worst but not great either. I will admit I have had worse experiences professionally writing but they are not high on my list of places I would work for again. If you want to you can apply for a job but I would not recommend it.

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3 Responses to “ A Review”
  • Igor
    August 3rd, 2008 at 7:30 am

    I worked with for a long period of time. They cheat writers and do not pay salaries. I stopped working with them because they started to send me fictitious plagiarism reports and poor quality complaints.
    When you join the company, they allow you to earn some money. When you earn more and more, they start cheating you. The main forms are: plagiarism reports (non-existed), poor quality and complaints from customers written by their staff.
    Do not make a mistake because it will cause you a lot of stress and just a waste of time. There are a lot of other companies interested in professional freelance writers. is a scram. Please find information in the Internet. (

  • B.Ware
    August 18th, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks for the link and further proof not to trust this site.

  • Joe
    April 10th, 2012 at 1:39 am

    I dont think these allegations are true since I have been working with this company for over 3 years now and have never experienced any problem with them.All payments come in time and in full. I think this is one of the best companies have ever worked with.

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