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CXC Poems FOR 2012

List of poems needed to know and their poets.



A Contemplation Upon Flowers                                        Henry King

Once Upon A Time                                                              Gabriel Okara

Forgive My Guilt                                                                   Robert P. Tristram Coffin

West Indies, U.S.A.                                                              Stewart Brown

Sonnet Composed Upon Westminister Bridge              William Wordsworth

Orchids                                                                                  Hazel Simmons-McDonald

The Woman Speaks to the Man who has                       Lorna Goodison

            Employed Her Son

It is the Constant Image of your Face                              Dennis Brutus

God’s Grandeur                                                                   Gerard Manley Hopkins

A Stone’s Throw                                                                  Elma Mitchell

Test Match Sabina Park                                                     Stewart Brown

Theme for English B                                                           Langston Hughes

Dreaming Black Boy                                                           James Berry

Epitaph                                                                                  Dennis Scott

Dulce et Decorum Est                                                         Wilfred Owen

This is the Dark Time, My Love                                         Martin Carter

Ol’Higue                                                                                Mark McWatt

‘Le Loupgarou’                                                                     Derek Walcott

South                                                                                     Kamau Brathwaite

To an Athlete Dying Young                                                           A.E. Housman

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