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Book Review: Mallworld by Somtow Sucharitkul

I review this old comic SF novel.

Mallworld. The biggest mall in the universe. Or, at least, what the humans know of the universe. It’s a kilometer long and filled with every variety of shop and restaurant. There’s a suicide parlor (The Way Out Corp), a baby factory (Storkways), churches, temples….. but no bookstore, because who reads?

It’s also full of Selespridar, the nearly humanoid aliens who have shunted mankind into a pocket universe that is bounded at Saturn. We get out when we are mature. Meantime, the Selespridar are benevolent.

Mallworld by Somtow Sucharitkul contains a collection of short stories about Mallworld, The humans are being examined by a high ranking Selespridar to see if we are ready. Each story illuminates another bit of Mallworld.

There’s nothing profound here, but it’s easy reading and well written and has a nice comic edge.

Fun but light.

Liked it

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