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Creative Piece Rationale : The End of a Circle                                              Justin Chung

            At first I had written a very emotional ending.  This fictional ending consisted of an end to many things, but at the very end includes an idea of comparison to reality, to dream, to fiction.  One can never really tell what the mind believes in contrast to what actually happens.  I planned to write a beginning and middle to the ending.   The first draft was in very preliminary forms and lacked much information.  I felt like there is an ending that includes a sense of conclusion and a sense of beginning.  The beginning is like any other, and even though the middle is missing, there can only be an amazing story to lead a person from the beginning to the end.  I am choosing this piece, because I did not have any other piece in its category.  Mr. Kosnik helped me by telling me certain places to develop the story as the many grammatical errors that I had in my piece.  My goals were to finish the piece and to make the piece grammatically correct.  I feel as though the story is far from complete.  I wish that I had months to write this piece, but at the moment I am lacking time.  I feel like I have added much to this piece, but a story can never be finished.  It is all put out from no where, but I really hope that I have made it in the way that captures a reader; by making a vague story in the beginning to a clear story in the end. 

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