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A Newbies Guide to Creepypasta

A sort of creepypasta FAQ. Want to know what a creepypasta is, or a quick how-to on writing one? Here you go.

What is it?

Creepypasta are, in essence, short, fan-written scary stories. They’re similar to the stories in ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’, with the exception of being written by fans and not published authors. Just about anyone can write a creepypasta. Due to this, they greatly vary in quality. Creepypasta can be written on a variety of formats, about a variety of things. Topics range from paranoia fuel, to classic ghost stories, to ‘true’ stories, to stories about possessed video games. They’ve become rather commonplace all over the internet, so finding them are not very difficult.

What’s with the name?

The word ‘Creepypasta’ comes from a common internet term, ‘Copypasta’. Copypasta are short pieces of text (often spam) that are commonly copied and pasted and spread around the internet by various people. When these evolved into scary stories, the name evolved with it.

Where can I find it?

Just about anywhere. Google it, as there are quite a few sites dedicated entirely to them. Encyclopedia Dramatica has different sections dedicated to different qualities of  creepypasta, if you’re willing to go there (it is about the only worthwhile thing on that site). Deviantart has quite a few as well.

What are some good ones?

Some personal favorites include Ben Drowned, The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing, Candle Cove, The Rake, and just about anything dealing with Slenderman. There are tons of good ones though, and some hunting can find you some really great ones. Be weary though, there are just as many bland or unoriginal ones too.

How do I write a Creepypasta?

First, you’re gonna need some sort of idea of what it’s going to be about. Try thinking about any experiences you’ve had that might work well as a creepypasta, or just make something up entirely. Make sure to keep a good theme to it too, as you want it to keep relatively consistent. Also, decide if you want it to be realistic, or off the wall unbelievable. Realistic usually works the best, but a few off the wall can work when executed correctly. Also, read plenty of other creepypastas. Read good, read bad, and read really bad. Think about what makes them good or bad, and try to keep those things in mind when writing yours. However, don’t copy ideas. The last thing anyone wants to read is a run of the mill, ‘just like every other creepypasta out there’ pasta. Try to make it as unique as you can! Remember, creepypasta can really be any length, but a majority are only about a paragraph long. You can, of course, make it a full length story as well. One last thing: EDIT IT. Dear god, can I not specify this enough, just quickly go back and make sure there are not spelling or grammar mistakes, put it through the spellchecker on microsoft word if you must. but please, please do not post your creepypasta all over the place looking like a 5 year old who somehow knows chatspeak wrote it.

Where should I publish my story?

My first and foremost suggestion is . You can email the guy who runs the site your creepypasta, and, if it’s approved, it’ll be added to the main site. If you’re looking for critiques and a guaranteed posting, I’d say DeviantArt. There are plenty of creepypasta groups you can submit your story to as well. If your pasta happens to be a Pokemon pasta, post it on the forums. God help if if you want to put it on 4chan.

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