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8 Ways to Say I love you- Without saying It

Do you have a hard time to tel your love one, friend or family and let them feel that you love them, theres another way on how to do it. Its effective and easy, though you need to put some effort for it.

There are different ways on how to show your love to someone who you cared, to someone whom closest to your heart and to someone who completed your life. It maybe your wife, family, girl friend or kids. You can show your love through different form of communication, you can say i love you in front of them or you can do things that for you its kind of saying i love you. But sometimes we don’t have much time to show our love to them because of work and hectic schedules, but not all the time we are on a busy field we still have time to settle down and relax.  And that’s the time you can make your way on how to show your love to someone without saying it.

These are the ways on how to show your love without any words from your mouth:

1. Giving a hug - Hug is the best way to show how you care and love that someone. If you cant tell the words “i love you” and “i care for you”, you can do it in other way by your gestures and actions. Physical gesture more effective than by saying it. Hug also can relieve depression and pain, it is also important expression of affection. By giving hug to your love one it reminds them that you really care and love for them

2. Make poetry – You can make poems or any form of poetry writing with the contents of showing love to someone or love one. Because the honored way to say i love you is to write a poem. Its full of art and effort and its more than by saying it in in words.

Poems is a form of art, it is more appreciated by someone because they can kept and read it all the time. The more interesting poems you made, the best meaning it can show to your love one.

3. Write a note ( In unusual Place) - Sometimes we are busy from different schedules and activities in our daily life and our time sometimes are complicated to someone you love and don’t have even time to spent a day for your love one. But its not the hindrance of showing your love, you can show your love by writing her/him/them a notes by saying it i love you. Though saying is better than writing, but writing is more effective of showing love than saying it away.

4. Give an unexpected gift – Giving a gift is not unusual for us, it usually happened at any occasions. Giving gifts for some is not a form of love but it means friendship. But if you give your love one a gift that he/she never had before or any unusual gifts, theres another meaning for that, it may a form of love at the same time it means friendship.

Unusual gifts is not only the things or expensive gadgets and etc. it can be at any form but it is not usual thing that you can find anywhere. The best  unusual gifts are self made, you can make your stuff toys, make your own painting, collage with pictures of your love one and etc, as long as you give effort for it. Its obviously means love.

5.Listen to your love one – Sometimes we have something to share, to suggest, to tell and express through word of mouth. But we cant make it if someone theres no one want to listen to us. Its same with your love one, they have also something to share or to tell you but they can make it if you are not listening to them. By listening to them, you are simply sharing your love for that person. When your love one want to talk, put down anything jut to listen to your love one. Give your time for her/him and make the best way to make her/him happy.

6. Do the chores without being asked – Do the things where your love one usually do, its the best surprise for them your doing things for their happiness. If your love one is usually clean your kitchen, cooking for food and etc, why you don’t surprise him/her by taking over his/her daily chore? and get it done without being asked.

7. Make the best meal of the night – Usually we treat our love one to any restaurant or food chain or order foods for take out, why not cook the best meal for a change? Its the best surprise for your love one if you can offer him a menu with your own cooked. Its a special meal for your love one or partner, its more than celebrating valentines day outside. Include his/her favorite food on your table, to make her/him for surprise.

8. Holding hands - Like hugging, holding hands is something showing intimate feeling to your partners and even to others. Try to take your partner hands while crossing the streets, walking down the stairs and even at  place while waking. Physical contact like hugging and holding hands help you getting closer emotionally to your partner. And its the best showing of your love to her/him.This is also the best and important way to talk to your partner if you have difficult issue or problems.

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